Our conferences are run entirely by unpaid volunteers.  If God has given you a servant's heart and you want to have a part in conducting the conference, you are welcome to join us!

Some Jobs:

Registration – report to Arnie Gorske
Info Table Assistants (5 people total- See designated blocks)

Fri: 3:30 PM-7:30 PM (2).   Sat: 7:00-11AM (2). 11AM-3:00PM (1).

The most important time frame is the Saturday morning spot.

Exhibitors – report to Arnie Gorske
Set-up assistants (2 people total-See designated blocks).

Fri: 3:30-7:30 PM(1).   Sat: 4:15-5:15 PM (1) 

Workshops – report to Peter Yorgin  
Workshop Hosts (4 Total).   
Sat: 7:00-11:00 AM (2)  11AM-3:00PM (2)

Makes sure that speakers feel welcome in room

a. Answer frequently asked questions or refer them to the right source.

b. Ask if the speaker would like to be introduced. Provide introduction if requested.

c. Make sure speaker wears MP3 recorder with mike. Also, make sure the recording is turned ON before the talk begins and turned OFF after the talk is over. Same process for next workshop speaker. New battery should last at least the whole day, and we will change the battery each day.

d. All MP3 recorders needed to be handed to Dr Gorske after Workshop 3 on Saturday

e. Make sure speaker has a water bottle.

f. Assist in passing out handouts.

g. If there is a room change, make sure to post the change on the door.  

Food and Snacks – report to Lisa Yorgin

Snack Assistants (2) – help with set-up of snacks (1 Fri and 3 Sat).

Going to get the food or additional last minute items.  


Here is what we need: Half day of help

Here is what you get: Free conference admission

Interested? Please complete the form below


We will not be able to provide invitations, as a means to enter the USA, to people in other countries wishing to volunteer.

Revised 8/24/2013