NOTE: Please see the FAQ page for general conference information. This page provides additional information specifically for Conference Speakers.

Who is responsible for operating the conference?
We are a group of like-minded Christians who are involved with healthcare missions and ministry. The conference is run entirely by unpaid volunteers. 

How many people attend the conference?
This is our first year at San Diego Christian College. We expect between 200-400 students. San Diego is also home to numerous colleges and churches that have also been invited to attend.

Where does the money come from to operate the conference?
All money to operate the conference comes from conference registration and some small donations. Last year, the total budget for the conference was around $16,000.

Where are the parking, plenary session, workshop, registration and exhibitor areas located?
Please see the
Conference Map

I need an exhibitor table. How do I make arrangements for this?
Please see the Exhibitors web page.

I have written a book that is related to my presentation.  Can I make this available to attendees?
Yes, this can be accomplished in several ways.  You can offer it for sale at your exhibitor table. If you do not have an exhibitor table, we can request that the SDCC Book Store offer it for sale. The SDCC Bookstore is located adjacent to the Exhibit Hall, see Conference Map

In addition, we provide a free Book Exhibit Table for speakers who wish to have their books displayed at the conference. Although the Book Exhibit Table is not staffed, it does contain information on where the book can be purchased. If you wish your book displayed, please bring a "Booth Copy" with you to the conference and contact Dr Gorske in the exhibitor area. If you wish your book offered for sale at the SDCC Bookstore, or if you have questions, please email

Are there computers that I can use for my presentation?
Yes, computers and projectors for power point presentations, CDs, etc are available in each room. A SDCC student tech will be available in each room to assist as well as record your presentation.

Where can I print all of my handouts and PowerPoint presentations?
We are trying to be good stewards of what God has given us, including the earth’s resources. As a result, we do not provide copying services. Instead we post all information on the website Lectures and Handouts page  
Please send copies of all handouts and slide presentations to Peter Yorgin at at least 14 days prior to the conference. Peter is unable to guarantee that presentations sent after that will be posted in time for the conference. You are welcome to print your own handouts.

Will there be recordings of my presentation?
There are MP3 Audio devices in each workshop room. Your session may also be video recorded.  Please wear the MP3 recorder with mike, and make sure the recording is turned on before the talk begins and to turn it off after the talk is over. The new battery should last at least the whole day, and we will change the battery each day. The SDCC tech will turn-in all the MP3 recorders to Dr Gorske in the Exhibitor area after the last workshop each day.  We will attempt to place all recordings on the website for people to access. The recordings, presentations and handouts are available to the public. They are not password protected for only conference participants unless requested. Please notify Dr Gorske  if you do not want your recording on the website.

If I have a problem while at the conference, Who do I call?
Call Peter Yorgin, His cell phone number is (858) 775-3198.

How do I get reimbursement for the conference?  
Please read the guidelines and use the form found on the Reimbursement section of the speaker registration page 
and mail it to our administrator responsible for Accounting and Budget, Bob Arrington. Please make sure to request reimbursement no later than the due date.  Please be aware that we are not able to provide compensation in excess of what was offered in your invitation letter.

What is the story regarding speaker donations to the conference?
In the past a number of our speakers have decided to donate all or a portion of their accommodation or travel expenses to the conference. This enables us to keep our registration fees low, especially for students. 

We very much appreciate all you have done to make this conference a success. We truly wish we had the funding to offer complete reimbursement for all conference related expenses for each and every one of you. We try our very best to reimburse as many of your expenses as possible. The conference staff are all volunteers and receive no payment in order to try to keep our costs down and make the conference available to as many students as possible. And we are very grateful for your willingness to join us in these efforts.

Revised 8/10/2013