Peter Yorgin, MD

In 2000 Dr Peter Yorgin went on a short-term health mission trip to Ukraine. That experience changed everything. He has been an active short-term mission leader to Ukraine, China and Mexico. In 2007 he met Ben Rodriguez, an elder of a Spanish language church in Riverside, Cosecha. Together they worked together to host medical brigadas in Jerez and Nochistlan, Mexico. They began to wonder if a modified model of the medical brigada could be adapted to church use. Two health fairs were held on the Cosecha grounds. A study was conducted by Erica Brim during on one of the health fair and screening event - data from the study will be presented at this conference.

Vocationally, Peter became the Clinical Director of Pediatric Nephrology at Rady Children's Hospital in 2009. He is married to his wife Lisa (providing the conference catering). They have two daughters who are participating in the conference. In addition to a busy medical practice, Dr Yorgin is one of the co-administrators for the conference.