Christianity in Culture, Charles H. Kraft, Orbis Books, Maryknoll, NY 10545, 1979 – ISBN 0-88344-075-X

A basic textbook on cultural anthropology from a Christian perspective. Essential for anyone working in a cross-cultural setting from Kentucky to Bangladesh

Walking with the Poor, Bryant Myers of World Vision, Orbis Books, 1999, ISBN 0-57075-275-3

An excellent in-depth discussion of how peoples of different cultures and economic strata can work together for improvement of health and economic development. This is written from a biblical perspective and is a practical guide in how to deal with the underlying spiritual and social dynamics of poverty and how to build effective relationship with people. It also describes how to share the whole story of God’s redemptive activity. A main thrust is people empowerment and participation, with partnership relations with those of other cultures.

Urban Health and Development, Beverley Booth, Macmillan 2001, available from TALC – ISBN 0-333-67934-2

A comprehensive text that deals with the complicated process of working in a mega city to develop community awareness, initiative, and action in health matters. Based on long experience of working in New Delhi

Setting Up Community Health Programmes Ted Lankester, Macmillan – available from TALC – ISBN 0-333-57423-0

A practical guide to organizing, planning, and carrying out community health programs in partnership with community leaders

Health, Culture, and Community, Benjamin Paul, Russell Sage Foundation, NY, 1955 ISBN 87154-653-1

An excellent collection of case studies of public reactions to health programs. In a few cases, major progress was made. In numerous other cases, the programs had little success. Analyzing the reasons for failure or success is very profitable.

Multiplying Light and Truth through Community Health Evangelism, Stan Rowland, GLS Press, Mumbai, 2001. An account of the development, principles, and practice of community health evangelism that is now spreading to many countries and becoming increasingly effective in bringing about transformation.

Let’s Build Our Lives – Dan Fountain, MAP International, P.O. Box 215000, Brunswick, GA 31521-5000 - 1990 Available from CMDA:

Community health in story form – how an African pastor mobilized his congregation and then whole communities to take action to improve sanitation, water supplies, nutrition, family health, and the problem of AIDS. Shows the effectiveness of dialogue and stories in communicating new ideas related to health, and also the biblical basis for health. Also in Spanish, French, and Creole

Health, the Bible and the Church – Dan Fountain, Billy Graham Center, 1989, EMIS, Box 794, Wheaton, IL 60189-0794

A comparison of the biblical and secular world views concerning health and health care, and a discussion of cross-cultural understanding and communication related to health issues.

The Next Christendom - The Coming of Global Christianity, Philip Jenkins, Oxford University Press, NY, 2002 ISBN 0-19-516891-7 A fascinating review of what is currently happening on the world religious scene. Christianity is growing quite rapidly, especially in the Evangelical, Pentecostal, and Roman Catholic branches. It is rapidly moving south, with explosive growth in South America, central and southern Africa, and in parts of Asia. Much up-to-date material and statistics in this book.

Living Overseas – Ted Ward, Macmillan, NY 1984 – ISBN 0-02-933940-5

Discussion of practical issues of cross-cultural and cross-economical living by a man who knows what he is talking about. A must-read for missionaries

Cross-cultural Reentry, Clyde Austin , ACU Press, Abilene TX 1986 ISBN 0-915547-74-0

Articles on the real problems many people encounter who work cross-culturally and then try to return to their original culture. Excellent material for missionaries and for parents of ‘third-culture kids’ to help them be better prepared for functioning in the culture of their origin.

Culture Matters – How Values Shape Human Progress – Lawrence Harrison, Samuel Huntington, Basic Books, New York, 2000 – ISBM 0-465-03175-7

A major work bringing together 22 articles by secular academics who now recognize the crucial role that beliefs, values and religion play in enabling or impeding nations and societies to develop. What has been politically taboo for a generation is now being recognized as important and articulated clearly. A very important book for current mission strategies.

Conflict or Connection. Interpersonal Relationships in Cross-cultural Settings. Levi Keidel. EMIS. 1996 - ISBN 0-9617751-2-2

The Faith Factor, Dale Matthews, Viking Press, 1998 – ISBN 0-670-87539-2

Written by a Christian professor of internal medicine. It analyzes the voluminous medical literature that documents major influences of extrinsic religion and intrinsic faith on physical health. The author believes that, because of the documented influence of religion on physical health, it is now not only ethical to discuss matters of faith and religion in the clinic but is also unethical not to do so.

The Link Between Religion and Health, Harold Koenig and Harvey Cohen of Duke, Oxford, 2002 – ISBN 0-19-514360-4

Another book laying out the observational and biomedical evidence of the important roles that stress has on health and the positive benefits of religion and faith in enabling people to cope better with stress and thus improve their health

Authority to Heal, Ken Blue, IVP, Downers Grove IL, 1987. ISBN 0-8308-1700-X

Ken Blue is a leader in renewing the ministry of the church in healing. He discusses God’s will for health, that God does not inflict people with illnesses for their spiritual benefit, and that it is not our faith that heals us but God’s power. God makes many faith resources available to us for healing. He discussed how churches can play a much more active role in the ministry of healing.

God, Medicine, and Miracles – Dan Fountain, Harold Shaw Publishers, 1999, Waterbrook Press, Colorado Springs, ISBN 0-87788-321-1 A discussion of the brokenness of the biomedical model, the biblical and scientific perspectives on wholeness, how Jesus heals the whole person, emotional problems that influence health, and how Jesus, by healing mind, soul, and spirit, can bring healing resources to physical health. Much personal experience and anecdotes of healing.

Rethinking AIDS Prevention – Learning from Successes in Developing Countries, Edward C. Green, Praeger, 2003 ISBN 0-86569-316-1, 374 pages. Ted Green is a medical anthropologist at Harvard and a member of the President’s Advisory Committee on HIV/AIDS. He has studied in depth the HIV epidemics in various African countries and documents scientifically the effectiveness of faith-based messages related to primary behavior changes in sexual activities, notably abstinence and faithfulness in marriage. He likewise discusses at length the controversy between those promoting the condoms-only message with those promoting abstinence and fidelity. A very useful work.

The Truth About AIDS, Patrick Dixon, ACET, Kingsway, UK 1994 – ISBN 0-85476-495-X

This book contains many valuable insights about the history of the epidemic and how a Christian biblical approach to the epidemic is of such great help in enabling people to cope with the disease and understand how to prevent it.

AIDS – A Study Guide – Dan Fountain, MAP International, Box 21-5000, Brunswick, GA 31521 Available at A booklet for leaders to use with groups to raise awareness about HIV and how to combat it. Education in sexuality based on biblical teachings

Teaching Our Children God’s Ways – Dan Fountain, MAP International, Box 215000, Brunswick, GA 31521-5000 available at A booklet for parents in how to raise children with a biblical world view. It emphasizes family Bible study and preparing children for sexuality and marriage. Available in numerous languages.

Medical Care in Developing Countries¸ Maurice King, Oxford University Press, London and Nairobi, 1966. A classical book with detailed descriptions of how to practice medicine in resource-limited environments. The book is a gem, although now out of print, but worth looking for. The initial chapters on the philosophy of health and medical care have many important insights needed in current practice.

Primary Surgery, two volumes, Maurice King. How to practice major and minor surgery in resource-limited countries. Filled with excellent descriptions and illustrations of most of the common surgical procedures, including trauma surgery. Available from

Pediatric Priorities in the Developing World, David Morley, Butterworths, London, 1973

Another classical book on the philosophy as well as the practice of pediatrics in resource-limited environments. Many important insights for the current practice of healthcare. Available through

See How They Grow, David Morley and Margaret Woodland. A basic manual in the organization and implementation of the preschool, or under-five, clinic with an excellent description of the utilization of the weight-for-age graph. Available from

Short-Term Missions, J. Mack and Leeann Stiles, InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, IL, 2000 ISBN 0-8308-2269-0

A good summary of many practical issues in managing short term missions. Many of the issues discussed are relevant to short-term medical missions.

Global Health Outreach: Short-Term Missions, David Stevens and Gene Rudd, Christian Medical and Dental Associations, Bristol, TN 2000 – includes a basic notebook, a leader’s manual, and a Mission Kit.

A wealth of practical details about travel, visas, shots, and many questions you need to ask but might not think of until it is too late!

Handbook of Medicine in Developing Countries, - Catherine Wolf, M.D. and Dennis Palmer, D.O., from CMDA ISBN 0-9666809-1-X

A practical guide that fits in your pocket about how to treat common diseases seen in many parts of the world with medicines that are probably available.

Standards of Excellence in Short-term Mission. Web site:

Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours? Roland Allen, Wm. D. Eerdmans, Grand Rapids, MI, 1962. First published in 1912. ISBN 0-8028-1101-2

Roland Allen was a Scottish missionary to China from 1895 until 1903 and remained active in missionary circles and writing for another forty years. This book was written in 1912, and was largely ignored until the 1960s. Allen compares the missiological principles and practices of the Apostle Paul with those of early twentieth century missionaries. He gives an in-depth analysis from Scripture of how Paul planted churches in unfavorable climates in Asia Minor and SW Europe, the cultural and spiritual obstacles Paul dealt with, and his implicit faith in the power of the Holy Spirit working with new believers to enable them to form and maintain churches. He discusses how Paul empowered the early believers and churches in the difficult areas of authority, discipline and church unity. Allen insists that Paul had no special cultural or spiritual advantages and that we would do well to learn from him. It is a “must read” for all serious missionaries and mission leaders today.

Changing the Mind of Missions, James F. Engel and William A. Dryness, InterVarsity Press, Downers Grove, IL , 2000. ISBN 0-8308-2239-9

An excellent discussion of major problems in the current evangelical approach to missions and suggestions as to how to return to a more biblical approach.

Let the Nations Be Glad! – The Supremacy of God in Missions, John Piper, Baker Academic, Grand Rapids, MI 1993 and 2003. ISBN 0-8010-2612-X

A key book in current missiology. God is a missionary God, and the purpose of missions is Worship.

Who Is This Man Jesus? - Dan Fountain, Selah Publishing Group, 2003, A chronological narrative of the life of Jesus in the setting of the first century Jewish culture. This enables us to understand better the teachings and actions of Jesus and the compelling evidence he presented of his identity as the Messiah. A good book to translate into other languages to show the real identity of Jesus

Free Indeed from Sorcery Bondage, Marvin S. Wolford, Pathway Press, 1999.

Sorcery is at the center of tribal cultures all over the world. An understanding of it and its frightful toll on the human spirit, individual and collective, is essential in mission as transformation. Wolford examines sorcery in Africa from an anthropological viewpoint, and then describes the biblical response to it. The book is available from the author at 125 Lowery Lane, Wilmore, KY 40390

Christianity Rediscovered, Vincent J. Donovan, Orbis Books, Maryknoll, NY 1982

A significant account of the effect of narrative evangelism and dialogue among Masaii clans in Tanzania where several clans came to faith.

Mission and Ministry – Christian Medical Practice in Today’s Changing World Cultures, David Van Reken, Billy Graham Center monograph, 1987. A good account of the stages of development of medical missions from the doing stage through the training stage to the empowerment stage.

Honorably Wounded. Stress Among Christian Workers, Marory F. Foyle. EMIS/Monarch Books, Billy Graham Center 2001 - ISBN 1 85424543 0.

Living Sacrifice, Helen Roseveare. Bethany House Publishers, 1979 - ISBN 0-87123-957-4.

Jesus MD, David Stevens. Zondervan. 2001 - ISBN 0-31023422-6.

Health in Mission. Hikon Chon. Vantage Press. 1997.

A New Agenda For Medical Missions, D. Merrill Ewert (Editor). MAP International Monograph. 1998 - ISBN 1-879148-05-6

Transforming Health. Christian Approaches to Healing and Wholeness. Eric Ram (Editor). MARC. 1995 - ISBN 0-912552-89-1

The Making of a Leader. Reconizing the Lessons and Stages of Leadership Development. J Robert Clinton. Navpress. 1988. ISBN 08910-91920

Development Technology

Hydraulic Ram Pumps, Jeffrey, Thomas, Smith, and Paul Fountain, ITDG Publishing, London 1992 – ISBN 1-85339-172-7

A practical guide on how to help communities in the Third World increase their available water supply by building locally, installing, and maintaining hydraulic ram pumps. Provides plans and step-by-step instructions

A Handbook of Gravity-Flow Water Systems, Thomas Jordan, ITDG, London, 1980 – ISBN 0-946688-50-8

An overview of ways to help communities design and implement gravity-flow water systems to increase the quantity of available water. Many plans and drawings.

Field Engineering, Longland and Stern, ITDG, London, 1983 – ISBN 0-903031-68-X

An approach to technical problems in the Third World using technology locally available. Many practical plans and suggestions