Arnold Gorske, MD

Arnold Gorske, MD is CEO of Standards of Excellence in Healthcare Missions (SOEHM), an affiliate of the Alliance for Transformational Ministry.  He is also editor of  the “Health Education Program for Developing Countries” utilized by healthcare organizations, missions, and churches in the US and throughout the world. He is also specialty advisor for community health and primary care for Global Health Outreach, and a member of the Best Practices in Global Health Missions working group.

Dr Gorske began his work with people of developing countries over 25 years ago as a Navy pediatrician in the Vietnamese refugee camps, and has also had over 25 years experience with the development of health education/training programs.

He served as medical team leader for the International Red Cross in Iraq at the end of the first Gulf War, followed by over 45 short-term medical missions to numerous countries throughout the world.   He also provided monthly long-term care to Indian migrant workers at a mission clinic in Baja, Mexico for over 15 years. He has also had years of training and experience in medical staff administration, education, credentialing, quality improvement/risk management, as well as additional positions of responsibility for the accreditation and quality of medical care provided by hospitals, clinics, and medical missions. 

Further information and/or free downloading of the “Health Education Program for Developing Countries” in English, French, Hmong, Khmer, Mandarin or Spanish is available at .
Disclosure/Conflict of Interest Validation: Dr Gorske and SOEHM receive no royalties or compensation of any kind related to the "Health Education Program for Developing Countries" or its websites.