Lectures from the 2008 West Coast Healthcare Missions and Ministry Conference


Kevin BROWN  Faith Based Organization and Gangs

John WATSON The missional verb "Go" and at-risk youth in Los Angeles

Kim ENGELMANN Church-based counseling for at-risk youth

Javier STAURING Juevenile Justice: LA style

Maribeth POOLE Children at risk - the Orphanage Experience  

Bryson WHITE amd Susie KOOK Life in the Hood


Noel CASTELLANAS Church-based Primary Care and Prevention in the City

Doug MCCONNELL Helping Without Hurting: Worldview Challenges in Healthcare Workers
Steve NOBLETT Strong Foundations: The Kingdom of God, the Church and City Healthcare

Ana WONG-MCDONALD The Church and Mental Health: Best Practices in Los Angeles County

Kathryn WHITE, Brian PRESTWICH AND Rick DONLON The Challenges of Urban Poor Care Integration, Adherence and Follow-up 
Home Medical Assignment (doc)

David CAMPBELL Church-based Urban Dentistry: Dealing with the Root Issues

Rebecca HENDERSON A Christ-based Approach to Death and Dying

Kim ENGELMANN Healing Prayer

Arnold GORSKE Introduction to Short-term Missions 1A (PDF), Introduction to Short-term Missions 1B (PDF), Introduction to Short-term Missions References and Websites (PDF)

Grace TAZELAAR An Introduction to Missionary Nursing 

Doris ARRINGTON Pscyhology - the new frontier in missions

Ted LANKESTER Health for the masses

Michael PARSA  Papua New Guinea: Jungle Hospitial Ministry 

Daryl ERICKSON I Want to be a Missionary - but I am $100,000 in debt!

Donn GAEDE AND Peter YORGIN The Biblical Mandate for Public Health Missions 

Harvey ELDER How can I provide cross-cultural spiritual care?  Handout

Al DUECK and Steve HUETT Indigenous Christian Counseling Case Presentation (PDF)

Paul HOLTOM Update: Malaria prevenition and treatment

Christine SINE Women and Health in the Third World 

Ted LANKESTER Health for the masses

Ralph WINTER Why Should we Redeem a Holistic Healing Ministry?

Glenn SCHWARTZ Avoiding and Overcoming Dependency in Christian Mission Activity


Ted LANKESTER The role of public health in missions

Jude TIERSMA, Hank VOSS, Kathy HENRY AND Christine SINE  Sustainability in the City Through Spiritual Formation

Michael SODERLING Best Practices in Short-term Healthcare Missions

Grace TAZELAAR Shifting Paradigms in Missionary Nursing

Bob ARRINGTON The short-term healthcare mission team that provides emotional care 

Michael MCLAUGHLIN Best Practices of Spiritual Care for Health Professionals in a Clinical Context

Steve FLORES AND Todd GRANT  Best Practices of Evangelism for the Lay Person in the Urban Context

Rick DONLON Life in the Hood

Arnold GORSKE Education as a mission 2A (PDF), Education as a mission 2B (PDF)

Chris BAJKIEWICZ Embracing a People: Cross-cultural contextualization 

Howard SEARLE India's Christian Hospitals

Kathy HENRY, Kathryn WHITEM  Eiko WILLIAMS AND Susan FUENTES For Women only: Singleness, marriage and children for the disciple-healthcare worker

Noel CASTELLANOS Models of Church-based Prevention and Education in the City

Christine SINE Working Cross Culturally - A Medical Perspective

Eithne KEEGAN Meeting the Nursing needs for HIV-affected people in Africa

Gil ODENDAAL Community Health Evangelism

Bob ARRINGTON Working together with a give-give paradigm

Brian PRESTWICH The Los Angeles Healthcare Crisis (2008) and the Church’s Response

Jennifer PARSA Being a family in Long-Term Missions Being a Family in Long-term Missions (PDF)

John HONG Organizing a Church-based Medical Mission Team

Doris ARRINGTON Art Therapy

Larry RANKIN Stress in disaster relief among residents and co-workers

Michael SODERLING Central America

Jeff LAUSEIGNNE Harmonizing Healing and Evangelism: An Example from the Life of Christ