List of 2013 Exhibitors


Christians Connections For International Health (CCIH)
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Christian Connections for International Health promotes global health and wholeness from a Christian perspective. CCIH shares information and provides a forum for dialogue, networking, advocacy, and fellowship to the spectrum of Christian organizations and individuals working in international health.
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HEPFDC (Health Education Program For Developing Countries)
This program is used by physicians and other healthcare providers, teachers, pastors and churches throughout the world. The WHO life-saving, evidence- based information is used at all levels of care (Hospital, clinic/health center, as well as family/community). The program is available in English, Spanish, Mandarin, French, Hmong and Khmer. Download Free.

Global CHE Enterprises (GCE)
Global CHE Enterprises brings hope to impoverished rural and urban communities through sharing the Good News of the Gospel, preventing disease, and engaging in wholistic community-based development.
CHE= Community Health Evangelism

CHE  is about empowering each other by Integration, Community Ownership, Development not relief, and Multiplication towardTransformation=Abundant Life.


Global CHE Network

Collaboration for Neighborhood Transformation


Loma Linda-Inland Empire Consortium for Healthcare Education (LLIECHE)
LLIECHE Family Medicine Residency features a combination of a university program in a community hospital setting.  Loma Linda University Medical Center is a faith-based hospital with an inclusive spiritual atmosphere where your own religious faith and spiritual practices will be respected and valued.

Christians for Earthcare (CFE)
Christians for Earthcare is a volunteer group devoted to promoting a Biblically-based approach to the best care for everyone and everything on earth.  We pray for God's hand on policy-makers and good stewardship.   CFE published Bible-based The Earth is the Lord's: Handle with Care and sponsors an annual booth at San Diego‚Äôs Earth Fair.

How to Pray for Healing

La Jolla Lutheran Church

Los Angeles Christian Health Center
The mission of the Los Angeles Christian Health Centers is to show God's love by providing quality, comprehensive healthcare to the homeless and underserved. Since 1995, LACHC has been a source of hope and healing to thousands of homeless and low-income residents of Los Angeles County seeking care and compassion.
E3 Partners
e3 annually mobilizes thousands of Christians for missions expeditions. Over our history God has used e3 Partners to share the Gospel with an estimated 2.2 million people, with over one million professions of faith in Christ, while helping to plant over 8000 new churches. Over 33,000 Americans have been mobilized during over 2000 trips for this work. Over 100,000 nationals have also been equipped and mobilized for these outreaches.